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Stunning Story of Puppy Turning Out to be a Wolf Dog

A free puppy was offered but it was really a wolf dog (half wolf half dog.)  Having a puppy can be a lot of work but when that puppy is actually a wolf dog, well let’s just say this guy really had his hands full.


A full-time college student who was also working full-time saw a sign that read free puppy outside an Arizona house. After looking at the puppy, which looked a little strange, the student decided he wanted it. He took it home and was in for a surprise, a wolf dog surprise.


He named the little pup Neo, who seemed very mischievous, but he just thought that was typical puppy behavior.

“Neo was very nervous and skittish, and he’d pee and poop all over his new owner’s car whenever he was driven somewhere. He also wanted his owner’s company — and only his owner’s company — all the time.”



“According to his owner, Neo would dig out or jump the fence to play with the neighbors’ dogs,” Cate Salansky of Wolf Connection “He built a higher fence to help contain him, but Neo chewed through it and continued to escape.”



Neo started to grow up and certain characteristics started to show. His need to break out more became the main issue. He would go over to the neighbors dogs and play with them. He was not aggressive just playful. However, when Neo was approached by the neighbors he became very timid.



This is Neo’s backyard that he would constantly break out of to hang out with the neighborhood dogs.


That’s Not Just Any Dog, That’s a Wolf Dog


Well Neo got loose one too many times. So his owner decided to take him to a vet. He wanted to find out why his dog was acting this way.


Well once Neo’s owner opened the door to the vet clinic the veterinarian knew this was no ordinary case. Maureen O’Neil saw them enter and said

“I approached the couple and asked, ‘You know that isn’t a dog, right?” O’Nell said. They responded, ‘we were wondering.'”


Well it turns out that Neo is actually a ‘wolf dog,’ which is basically a mix of both dog and wolf. But the problem is that they are actually illegal to own under most circumstances.


So the vet and owner had to find a home for Neo. Fortunately they were able to find Wolf Connection, a rescue place for these types of dogs, in California.



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