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What They Should Have Told Me Before I Rescued My Pit Bull

What They Should Have Told Me Before I Rescued My Pit Bull

This is Ashley Gulla’s tale of what she should have been told.

They said, “He’s strong, about 67 pounds, and he’s a puller but with some training he’ll be great.” Okay, I thought. Easy enough. But what they should have told me was something entirely different. What they should have told me was this:


This is an adventure.

Welcome to the best years of your life.

This breed has had so many attacks against them because of the how many have raised them to be aggressive fighting dogs. Even roosters can be trained to fight. That is the point, their human owners train them and this breed is so loyal they do so to please their human. This breed is in fact loyal, gentle, protective which but that is what you want from a loving K9 companion.  This breed is misunderstood. This is what I believe Ms. Gulla is talking about.

Then you will read up on all the facts and statistics about Pit Bulls and realize half of what people believe is completely false or terribly misconstrued. Like pits having lock-jaw? False. Pits are born aggressive. False. Pits have stronger jaws than Rottweilers. False. Pits don’t make good family pets. FALSE.


Ms Gulla loves her pit bull Romeo.

She feels blessed. She feels satisfied.

She loves more deeply than before. Snuggles more deeply too, all the time.

She feels more forgiveness and letting go. She feels deep compassion when stories of abuse and misconception are told and wishes more people could have this experience.





They should have told me I was going to learn how to love better. That loving this Pit Bull was going to change my whole life. And that he would make us so so happy!



With her Romeo.

Thank you Ms. Gulla for sharing with us.  Hand over heart, thank you.

Source Huff Post