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VIDEOS-Ferocious Pit Bull and a Duck-Gotta See This

Okay, you know how ferocious Pit Bulls are right?  WRONG !

We are here to tell you and everyone (if you don’t already know) that Pit Bulls like any other dog or animal for that matter can be trained to be aggressive but these guys are and always were sweet docile and many times used as NANNY dogs (back in the day.)

Here is video and still-image proof that pit bulls are sweet, gentle, loving, funny, tolerant and happy to nuzzle and play with other animals.

Watch this video of how sweet and gentle Mercedes is with baby duck.

 Happy pit and chick.

Pit with chick on his head

Pic: My Pit Bull is Family


Here is Pigalina and Levi.

Here is a “lock-jaw” vicious Pit Bull napping with a chicken -haha we are definitely kidding

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.09.58 PM

Pic: My Pit Bull is Family

Iguana loves a Pit Bull

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Our mission here at The Pit Bull Daily is to entertain you with the best funniest and amazing material we find on the web and also to share about this misunderstood courageous loyal and caring breed that we love so much.


To end the negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls.


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