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VIDEO Captures The Most Heart Warming Interaction-Watch Now.


Meet Doogie the Pit Bull

His owner wrote him a song.

Doogie’s human loves him so much he wrote him a song and serenaded him with his guitar.

This sweet pup so loves his human that he is hugging and kissing him. You can totally tell that this emotional pit bull is really getting into the song and I bet he knows it’s just for him.

Doogie’s human parent is Shane K. and sings a love song to him ‘Doogie I love You. Doogie I need You’ ….and then it turns silly and playful and the pup totally knows it and starts kissing Shane. From the time he starts on the guitar, Doogie jumps up on Shane’s back and puts his front legs right around Shane’s neck and lays his head on this shoulder and just hugs him during the song.

This video is definitely an oldy BUT a goodie… it is worth a new go around from 2008.




Isn’t that just the way pit bulls are though? Loving and appreciative of just being with their human parents.

Let’s always be the protector of these amazing forgiving and loving animals. They are pets, to be loved and nurtured, never abused.