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(VIDEO) Blue Nose Pup Meets Big-Ear Cats. You Might Gasp.


Watch This Puppy with These Strange Big-Ear Cats

Wilber a sweet blue pit bull puppy lives in a house with many interesting beings.


Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.40.42 AM

For Starters… there are 4 Cornish Rex Kittens.

(We hadn’t seen this breed…check here for more details)

Look at how the light comes through their ears…so transparent.

What they don’t know yet is how much they have in common.

In spite of their sophisticated, elegant appearance, they are anything but cool, aloof, or dignified. They are affectionate, people-oriented, and active cats whose kitten-like antics last a lifetime. Favorite Cornish Rex games are fetch and catch, and they may even use their agile paws to pick up and toss small objects. Belying its fragile appearance, the Cornish Rex is a very sturdy breed. They are perfect pets for the owner who wants active cats to participate in family life.

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Watch this video for a canine and feline frolicking and see the rest of the animal manager (a german shepherd and an iguana.)


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