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VIDEO A Must See Dog Rescue With A Surprise Ending

This is the Story of Troy. Abandoned and Injured in Los Angeles.

He is hurt, emotionally drained and abandoned. His injuries are now infected and the poor dog is in pain all alone. He is hiding in the bushes and seemingly too exhausted to move on.

The woman who spotted him is Leti Rodriquez; in a shopping plaza in Los Angeles and began feeding him to gain his trust. She wants to help, but Troy is damaged goods and is unable to trust her. Even after weeks of feeding him he just run away from her.

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She contacts Hope For Paws and they come out to rescue the dog.

Ms. Rodriguez helped locate him when Eldad from Hope For Paws arrived.

Eldad is a seasoned rescue special gifted man who performed these rescues and in our opinion, has the midas touch.

After tossing hamburger close the dog, he began to eat. Toss after toss, Troy began eating, and Eldad got closer and closer to the dog and then the amazing thing happened… the dog took the food right from Eldad’s hand.

This dog only wanted to be loved, that is all.

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Troy is a young pup but haggard from a short life on the run, with no one to love him and care for him, and give him TLC for his wounds.

Such an ordeal for this pup that once he got into the vehicle and knew he was rescued he relaxed and fell asleep.

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Watch this 4-minute video of Troy’s story.

Watch this extended version of the rescue  


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