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[VIDEO] A Little Girl is Rescued By A Pit Bull.

Five-year old girl was riding her bike…

Remayah, a 5-yeard old Lake Worth Florida resident was innocently riding her bike when she stopped to pet her neighbors dog Tank who was outdoors.

What happened next was shocking. Tank attacked her by malling her in the face. Trigger, the family pit bull and Ramayah’s ‘super hero,’ jumped the fence and defended the little girl by attacking Tank.

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“He’s like a hero. He’s like a protective dog. We taught him to be protective and caring for the family,” Hernandez said.

“He’s kind of a super hero,” said Remayah.

Tank was seriously injured and has been euthanized.

Remayah has had surgery and will be having plastic surgery, according to Hernandez.

Tank’s owner, Nehemias Gaspar, says he doesn’t know how his dog got outside, but was working when the incident happened.

“He was very friendly with all of the kids. He was a great dog. He was a very nice dog,” Gaspar said.

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