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One had her by the neck, shaking her violently

Sheree Lewis  is one of those people who adores her pets. She has 2; a cat and a dog.

Meet Jack and Kitty… Kitty has a second chance for life.


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Jack acts like her protector, well he actually is/was her protector.

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Jack is Sheree’s son’s dog. She’s watching him for her son who is serving in Afghanistan.

Talk about the power of second chances. This story is so powerful because Jack, a pit bull who himself was rescued is taking the gold metal as a hero. A local news agency picked up the story and when Jack, the rescued pit bull, risked his very life to intercept the attack of the family cat, named Kitty, from a pair of coyotes that had been staking the family back yard with eyes and laser focus on Kitty.

The news report continues to describe the pair, Jack and Kitty, as ‘bonding’ since living under one roof.  Sherree Lewis, Kitty the cat’s owner, now has Jack the pit bull living with her. Jack is Sherree’s son’s dog.  Jack is temporarily living there while Peter, Sherree’s son, is away.   Peter is currently deployed in Afghanistan.

“He probably feels like he’s the caretaker. He checks on her every day and sniffs her, seeing what kind of shape she is in,” Lewis, of Seminole, Fla., said of Jack’s affinity for his feline companion.

The duo’s friendship was put to the test recently when Kitty became the target of a pair of hungry coyotes.

“As I was walking to the door, I could see the coyotes over here,” Lewis told Fox 13. “One had her by the neck and the other had her by the tail.”

The coyotes had reportedly been shaking Kitty “violently.” Fortunately, before more harm could be done, Jack came sprinting towards them and attacked the animals until they let the cat go.

“As I was walking to the door, I could see the coyotes over here,” she pointed out.

“One had her by the neck and the other had her by the tail,” she recalled.

Two coyotes had Kitty and were shaking her violently, but Jack was ready for a fight.

“I didn’t know Jack could run that fast. He was on them so fast,” she said.

Jack got the coyotes to drop Kitty and she was rushed to a vet.

“She can’t walk yet, but she is getting there,” said Lewis.

Kitty has a broken tooth and is being treated for brain swelling. She is lucky compared to other stories circulating the neighborhood.

“He likes other dogs he wouldn’t have done that if there were dogs out there. It was like he knew the difference,” she said.

Jack now stands guard on the lookout for the coyotes to return, and never leaving the side of his best friend.

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“Jack is a hero. He saved the kitty’s life and he just shows how good dogs can be.

Big dogs can protect you, especially if something like this happens,” she said.
Forever Friends.

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