The 3 Week Diet

When You see what this pup went through your heart will break

An abused 7-week old pit bull puppy was surrendered to Maricopa County Animal Shelter.

The puppy was timid and weak-looking due to the horrible act of his former owner, who savagely cut off one ear entirely and part of the ear, most likely in an attempt to crop the pups ears. But the adorable little guy found a home in a unique way.

The animal shelter put the puppy up for adoption and was flooded by request to adopt the pup. However, the shelter wanted to pick the right person to adopt the pittie so they created an essay contest to find the new owner. After they reviewed the essays that were submitted they pick the winning entry and the rescued pit bull now has a new home.

“So we did something a little different. We had people submit essays and we got about 30 submissions. A lot of them were really, really good. So it was a tough choice, but we did narrow it down to Julie and her family,” said Melissa Gable from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.



Pistol starts his new journey away from the cruel hands of DIY Croppers.



This scared little pittie just trying to find some love.



The staff at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Showing Pistol some love.



Pistol in the arms of the Grant family. Pistol says, “This is the best day of my life when I was adopted by my forever family. My name is now Pistol Grant.”



This pup is really starting to trust humans again after being nurtured and cared for.



Pistol is feeling safe in his new bed.



Pistol says “I am really feeling like part of the family.”

“My parents say that when I get a few months older, I can start agility training. I am going to be the fastest pup on the track. I am going to make my parents real proud.”



Pistol (middle), his new brother Poa (far left) and his sister Bella (far right) are a few peas in a pod.



“Here I am with my family trying to catch some Pokemon”



“I may have had a rough start when I was a little guy, but I must have had a guardian angel because I ended up with people who fixed the part of me that got hurt. They really cared about me and loved me for who I am no matter what I looked like.”


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