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Sweet Pit Bull Waiting to Be Adopted Makes His Bed Every Day [Video]

Sweet Pit Bull Makes His Bed

This is Rush.

A sweet Pit Bull who was in this very shelter as a pup, got adopted, but sadly was returned in September so is back again in the same shelter waiting to be adopted.

All of a sudden he showed the staff what a good little boy he is by making his bed. Every. Day.

During his wait for a forever home, this pooch remained particularly polite throughout his stay at an animal shelter.

A video uploaded to YouTube earlier this month by the Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals’ pet adoption center in Kettering, Ohio, features Rush, a pit bull, making his own bed. According to the animal shelter’s video description, the diligent dog had been doing so every day while he was there.

The adorable video unsurprisingly melted the hearts of people across the Internet, receiving more than 500,000 views on YouTube as of Monday afternoon. His endearing manners ended up capturing the attention of the dog lovers who adopted him earlier this month after his latest 30-day stay at the shelter.

Rush had actually stayed at the shelter prior to those 30 days, Megan Moon, community engagement manager at SICSA, told The Huffington Post in a message. The pooch was brought there as a puppy and was adopted after a couple months. However, the owners returned him in September. It was then that the shelter noticed he had developed the precious habit of making his bed every day.


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