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Touching Pit Bull Puppy Rescue

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puppy rescue

All of the dogs are in really bad shape. They are burdened by an incurable bug.

“She started throwing up blood. She threw up some plastic and we tested her for parvo and she did test positive for parvo.” said Sumpter.

Dr. Duchan said, “Sometimes the other puppies can be acting and looking fine and even on our laboratory work will be fine that day or the following but it could later test positive for parvo as well.”


puppy rescue

The puppies are only about 12-weeks-old, and a tough 12-weeks at that.

The puppies warmed up to the Detroit pit crew dog rescue members and the Doctor and would have done the same to the person or people who left them on the side of the highway.

“We don’t understand why anybody would do that.” said Sumpter.

The puppies are being treated and tested for other health problems. After they will be put up for adoption.


Story Source: Fox2Detroit