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A Different Kind Of Police Dog…You Just Might Be Shocked

A different kind of police Dog. Meet Kiah and her trainer.

In a small city north of New York City, a new concept is being tested and proved.

A  dog who is about to join the New York Police Force’s K9 Unit…

is a pit bull terrier.

 Police Dog
Kiah, a two-and-a-half year old pit bull, is joining the Poughkeepsie Police Department as a crime-fighting, drug-sniffing police dog. Advocates say it counters the stereotypical image of the dog as a dangerous breed beloved by criminals. (Nov. 13)
police dog
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police dog

The pit bull breed has a bad reputation of being an aggressive breed, what we see most of the time is that they are known for their loyal, sweet, playful, romping personality and all they really want to do is have fun and make heir human happy.

Kia was trained in Stone Ridge NY and it is thought that she is the only pit bull on the east coast as a K9 police dog.  According to George Carlson, the Ulster County sheriff’s deputy who trained Kiah she is a sweetheart and he said

“Dogs are individuals. They have their own personalities, just like people.”

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Click here for the source story on This Dog’s Life Website