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Pittie Saved From Death Row – You Won’t Believe How Her Life Turned Out


Sometimes Dogs actually have a vocation.

One they are born to fulfill.

…If they only had a chance.

Meet Libby, the Pit Bull Who Became a K9 Police Dog.



Ready and waiting to go to work.
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OK… I’ll just take a little stretch while I’m waiting.
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Libby was the only one of her litter to not be euthanized at a Texas animal shelter back in 2011. The Pit Bull probably would have died there too if it had not been for Marcia Poitter making an exception. And if she had not rescued Libby, the Texas police force would not have a newly trained narcotics dog ready to work fighting crime!


Libby with her handler (and dad) Deputy Jesse Bullinger. Photo: Libby MCCO Marcia Poitter, who runs the rescue group Operations Pets Alive, told the Houston Chronicle that she usually doesn’t rescue Pit bulls as the group has difficulties adopting out the breed because of the negative stereotypes, but she could not leave Libby behind.

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Image Source Heirnet Photos

Marcia Poitter saying goodbye to Libby as she gets ready to go to K9 training. Photo: Lily the Pit Bull Ambassador and Therapy Dog“Libby was a little different from the dogs that I normally pick for rescue. She was more exuberant and played hard. I would call her high energy,” she told the paper.

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Image Source  Heirnet

The high energy and the fact that she was a Pit Bull meant that Libby stayed with Poitter in foster care for three years!

It wasn’t until Poitter met Debra Guajardo, an attorney who adopted a Pit bull herself. She owns Lily, a rescue Pit Bull who is now a therapy dog. After observing Libby, Guajardo thought the energetic dog might be well-suited as a working dog. Soon after Guajardo spoke with Brad Croft, founder of the Texas dog training center Universal K9. He is well known for training shelter dogs as K9s.

She didn’t stray far from her roots. Libby is now ready to serve her home town as a narcotics detection K9. It’s a beacon of hope because she is serving in the same town where she was a shelter dog.

What does Libby’s life look like NOW?  She has a purpose, and a home. She lives with her handler and goes to work every day.  A very different future for certain.

Libby does seem to be a natural.  She is especially good at finding hidden items, and sniffing out trails.  The shelter staff is just thankful that she found a good home a purpose, and that they didn’t have to put her down.  Her trainers at the police department continue to be impressed by her innate skills, and believe that Libby will continue to make an excellent police dog

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