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The Pitbull Personality. Don’t judge a dog by its breed.

Stereotypes Hurt Pitbull Personality; The personality of a Loving and Loyal Breed

Labeling a breed as dangerous hurts their chances of being adopted. The pitbull personality has been labeled negatively in resent years. Just because this specific breed is being targeted by the media as being vicious does not mean we cannot make our truth heard.



There should be a change of heart for these adorable little ones rather than a perceived danger.



What do you see when looking at this picture? Well those against Pit Bulls would say they “see a ferocious animal.” But the individuals who own these dogs probably see a little guy just smiling and having a good time.

People who don’t know pit bulls judge them as vicious. As a result there are bans, like the potential one in Montreal, that put this breed in the lime light in a negative way.



As most readers of this website know the vicious nature people perceive as the pitbull personality isn’t inherent from birth; it usually depends on how they were raised as a puppy.



Pit Bulls are loyal and protective of their owners; which is why they have made great guard dogs in history.




The pitbull is one of the types of dogs that are more likely to be abused than any other dog and now societies are giving them the stigma of “dangerous” which consequently is further abuse. According to,

“Pit Bull-type dogs—due in part to their loyal nature—have been unfairly targeted by criminals to be used in illegal dog-fighting rings.  This has resulted in some high-profile raids and criminal investigations, in recent years. While the stories of dog abuse and mistreatment are deeply disturbing, many of the dogs who were forced to fight have been successfully rehabilitated and are living happy lives as companions and therapy dogs.”


The change in perception about this breed can be as easy as this…Watch the video on the next page.


This little one just wants to enjoy life and be happy also. How could we let legislation take that away from him?

Due to the potential ban in Montreal is raising the level of awareness of this problem.


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