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Pit Bull Saves Woman Being Attacked

Meet Blitz, the Crime Stopper.

Super Dog to the Rescue, breaks up violent domestic fight and possible abduction.

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A woman and her family pit bull is quietly enjoying a Wednesday evening.

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Meanwhile Steven Schumacher had broken into his estranged wife’s house across the street, Home Invasion Style, and begins attacking her, dragging her into the street, beating her.

Around 11 pm, Blitz’s mom heard screams for help. She heard a woman’s voice, HELP ME, HELP ME.  When she looked outside she saw a man beating up a woman in the street and dragging her toward his car.

“I came out my front door and Blitz nearly knocked me down to get to the two of them, basically went and scared him a little bit.”

Blitz’s mom said “He’ll protect us when we need it. He’s a great house pet. He’s great with my kids. He’s wonderful.”

She is still shaken up saying it’s so surreal, she hasn’t even slept. She said it’s hard to think what might have happened if Blitz didn’t race to her rescue because the man was so close to getting her into his car.

The rescued woman runs into Blitz’s home and awaits police.

Unlikely hero, a pit bull named Blitz who is 2 years old and weighs over 100 pounds,

ran to rescue a woman needing help and did so out of protection and justice.



The Pit Bull. A dog misunderstood as being violent actually becomes the rescuer to a stop a violent situation. Pit Bulls are emotional and understand deeply. Together, lets education the public of the true personality and temperament of the pit bull and let’s stand against pit bull abuse.

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