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Assault On Woman Halted By Pit Bull Rescue

Assault On Woman Halted By Pit Bull Rescue Page 2


pit bull rescue

The loyal pit bull came back to its owner. Unfortunately the assailant was not caught by the dog. The neighborhood where the incident happened caught the residents by surprise because it is usually such a quiet street. The area has mostly families living there, an elementary school, and a community police office.


pit bull rescue

“Walking a pit bull is what I’m surprised [with] because that’s a lot of gull to go after someone who has a dog that can defend her, and unfortunately, she didn’t train that dog to defend her, but fortunately, he did anyway,” said the woman who heard the incident and who waited with the victim until authorities arrived.

The San Diego Sheriffs are now increasing their patrols in that neighborhood. The department is also checking to see if there was any surveillance cameras in the area. This shows how loyal and protective pit bulls can be. This dog is a hero and this story makes us love this breed even more.



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Story Source: ABCNews10