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Pig adopts Pit Bull

Pig Adopts Pit Bull as best friend

A little bitty pig is completely enthralled with Levi the family pit bull. This little piggy is Pigalina. She is best buds with the family pup Levi. The proof that they are the best of friends is obvious when they share a chewy bone back and forth.  

This happy family lives in West Virginia where Melissa Susko owns and runs her PIGS Animal Sanctuary.

Pigalina was rejected by her piggy family and Levi was rescued. They both live with their new family of aminals on the farm.

What could pigs and dogs have in common?

  • love belly rubs
  • have excellent sense of smell
  • can be trained for behavior and tricks, especially with snacks
  • and they are very intelligent.

Watch how they share their chew bone.

Thank you to the PIGS Animal Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a place of refuge to abused, abandoned, neglected or unwanted animals.  The Sanctuary specializes in the care of pot-bellied and domestic pigs, but shelters other farm and domestic animals as well.