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Officer Rescues Dog Left For Dead. What Happens Next Is Shear Joy.

Humane Officer Russ Harper saved a pit bull that was dying on the side of the road.


This Skinny pit bull pup is left for dead. What was clear from the scars that marked his body was that this poor pup was the victim of a dog fighting as a bait dog. All alone, scared, with no one to comfort him, laying there dying. This creature is probably having the most peace he’s ever even had. What a heartbreaking sight.



Remi is begining to show signs of wanting to live. He’s eating a bit and just and inch at a time is showing signs of trusting.

Here he is being held and comforted by the officer who rescued him. This may have been the first time he has experienced affection or care.

Remi Being Cradled in the officers arms.

Reme close up 2

Remi being comforted while wearing a cone.

Remi close up

Remi resting his head in the crook of the officers arm. His eyes closed, feeling the weight of his head and releasing into the safety of the officers arms.

Remi in Vet w Rescuer

You can see even with a body covering how skinny he is… but he’s beginning to rush and even takes a treat from a vet tech.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 3.25.19 PM

 JUSTICE HUMANE SOCIETY “Fought and left to die” Tonight has been hell. Remi was fought many many times and was dumped here on the side of the road to die. He was almost dead when I got there. So cold he would not even read on the thermometer. Blood pressure so low they could not draw blood. While I was with him at vet I get another emergency call for another dog suffering. Couple days ago we rescued a cat with a huge hole in it and had to drive 3 hours to help when no one else would We had mama Amber and her two puppy’s that were abused badly and the puppies did not make it. We have also been on about 15 other cruelty cases just in the last week. Just a real tough week for us. Many have asked our mailing address. It’s Po box 112 woodlyn pa 19094. Wolf

 Remi recovering

Watch Video Here

“It’s the happiest feeling, when we can re-home a dog that we helped find balance and peace, to live his life the way he want meant to,” Harper said. “A dog that’s been abused, who learns how to love and trust again, teaches us forgiveness.”

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