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Montreal BSL against Pitbull Dogs. Can It Be Stopped?

Montreal Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has many supporters but we could stop them.


Pitbull dog owners are targeted by BSL potentially forcing special licensing and muzzling of the dog.


The specific bread should not be what is looked at but more of a case by case problem.
They heard your voice… The ban is temporarily suspended for the moment, however, the issue has now been raised in Montreal.
The ban would prevent future ownership of Pitbulls and existing owners would have to licenses their Pitbull dogs.


Should Pitbulls be singled out for this ban?

If we take this thought a little bit further and say the law does pass, then in a few years won’t another bread become the “most vicious” bread in Montreal? At that point will the new breed be banned as well?  The most basic concept is that any breed can be vicious, for example, this little Chihuahua.


Who’s not scared by this animal? There is evil in ‘them there eyes.’

According to an article on the BBC News,

“Montreal is not the first jurisdiction in Canada to implement a breed-specific ban.The city of Winnipeg implemented a similar ban in 1990, and Ontario in 2005. A number of other smaller jurisdictions across the country also have so-called breed-specific legislation (BSL). According to statistics compiled by, a US charity that supports such bans, 36 US states and 41 countries worldwide have some form of BSL on the books, from mandatory sterilization to outright bans on pitbulls and some other breeds.”

This concern is that the BSL will gain ground and the fear of this breed will keep spreading we stand together. Re-educate the public about this breed.



We know that our pitties are not all vicious animals but just loving, playful and  loyal.
Pitbulls can be so silly and cute and funny; we receive so much joy from them.



This little guy is too much. Look at how playful he is.

For so many us our pets are our family. We know the happiness a pittie brings to our lives.
Staying silent on this issue is not an option.

We must be heard.



We must stand up to prevent this ban from happening!