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Stubby the American War Hero Pit Bull

Meet Stubby, K9 super hero.

The first decorated canine war hero and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant.

Stubby started out as a stray dog who became Sergeant Stubby who saved more lives, saw more combat, and performed more feats of heroic awesomeness than most people could ever hope to accomplish even WITH the advantage of prehensile thumbs and the ability to utilize 100 percent of their brain power without exploding into a burst of ball lightning.

Living garbage can to garbage can without so much as a doghouse roof over his head, one day this poor dejected little canine happened to stumble onto the parade ground on the campus of Yale University, where it just so happened that the men of the 102nd Regiment, 26th Infantry Division were training for their eventual deployment to fight in World War I.

The so-pathetic-it’s-adorable little dog-creature was taken in by a soldier named John Robert Conroy, who named the pup “Stubby” on account of the thing’s little stumpy gimp tail.

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Wounded in action

Caught under sniper fire

Poisoned by German mustard gas (and survived)

Physical guide to wounded soldiers

Super-sonic hearing warning of income fire

Unconditional Friend

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.58.41 PMFearless      Unstoppable       Happy       Service-Minded     Nearly-Human

How full of life and ambition this once- stray pup with no one to love turn up the volume on his life and fulfilled a military career K9 style. Thanks to all the men in his path who gave him the love and affection he needed to be all that he could be.

The men of the 102nd, for their part, made Stubby a jacket designed to look, as best as they could, like their Army uniform. They proudly put his name on it along with his rank. They finished it off with medals from every campaign that he served in including:

Purple Heart

Republic of France Grande War Medal

Medal of Verdun

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.49.41 PM

Until his death, in John Conroy’s arms, of old age, April 4, 1926, Stubby was a “True” American Pit Bull Terrier.

“The noise and strain that shattered the nerves of many of his comrades did not impair Stubby’s spirits. Not because he was unconscious of danger. His angry howl while a battle raged and his mad canter from one part of the lines to another indicated realization.”
– New York Times Obituary



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