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Mama Pit separated from her newborns has a happy ending.

Sweet shy mama gets locked out of house.

Her newborn pups are just 20 feet away from where she is picked up.

Sugar said “when I first saw her I was just shocked.”

Sweet mama dog went right up the the house. When Sugar knocked on the door and a man answered, Sugar asked if this was his dog, and they were informed that the dogs owner was in jail. Sugar told him he wanted to take the mama dog and the puppies and the man answered “you are bothering me” which halted the rescue of the puppies.  After a few legal matters were laid out they returned to the house and the resident released the puppies.


The first two looked pretty good but the second two puppies rescued looked rough. The pups were rushed back to VillaLobos where the mama was anxiously but quietly waiting and were reunited with their mama and all four puppies started nursing right away.

NoLo Emaciated mama

Watch this episode excerpt of the is precious Pit Bull mama’s journey of  heart break and the joy of being reunited with her pups.

Mama and her puppies are doing well.

NOLA nursing puppies

Villa Lobos Pit Bull Rescue

Source info:
After finding an emaciated mother pit bull in the streets of New Orleans, the Villalobos rescue team desperately searches for her pups. Will this family ever be reunited? | For more Pit Bulls and Parolees, visit…