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Mama Pit Bull and Babies Discovered Under A House – All Caught On Camera.

Mother Pit Bull and Babies Saved

A family in Los Angeles, California was nice to this female pit bull named ‘Sansa’ and then she just crawled under their home one day and had her litter of seven pups right there under their house.

One of our favorite samaritans, co founder of Hope for Paws Eldad Hagar lead the rescue and it’s all caught on camera.

Hagar Tells the Huff Post that all the pups have been adopted… awwww.

Mama Sansa though is still waiting for her forever family.

Enjoy the video.


Huff Post Writer: Domenique Mosbergen


Hagar says there’s another reason why Sansa will make the perfect pet.

“In the past few days, Sansa stayed with me, on my bed, and so I can guarantee that she is one of the best snugglers I have ever met,” he wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

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