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Louisiana Pit Bull Ban Reversed

Local Family Pit Bull Zeus threatened to be removed, due to the Village of Moreauville’s Ban on Pit Bulls.

O'hara w halo

O’Hara Owen wears special a medical device called a “halo brace” to help her with her neck problems and uses a wheelchair.  She also has spasms and her pit bull Zeus awakens her mom when they occur.

The “vicious dog” ordinance:

The alderman passed the ordinance after a number of residents in the village of 950 population complained they couldn’t walk around their neighborhood because some vicious [pit bull] dogs … weren’t properly bound and began to chase them.

the ordinance called for the animals to be removed and euthanized. 

The Petition “Save Zeus” got more than 200,000 signatures and 14,000 likes on their Facebook page.

O’Hara’s mother mother Joanna Armand says Zeus is more like a family member than a pet.

O'hara and zues


It appears that O’Hara’s buddy is providing therapeutic assistance in the

form of comfort and assurance.

O'hara and zues

Clearly the message of the people came through loud and clear and the ban will be reversed.


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