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Little Girl Controls 6 Male Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls don’t move until 4-year-old child gives the order!

Just look at this cute little child, just 4 years old gathering her k-9 charges for dinner.

She gives correction to the doggies who are standing – they are so excited to eat but Nina is the boss here, no doubt and every pup must sit.

Who said that pit bulls are tough to train? Not at all. She commands each one by name and they obey.

Just look at how sweetly she handles them… thank you she says to them and they wait until she counts them down and then ‘OKAY’ and off they go to get their dinner.


Watch her in action here.




Now that every one has eaten… it’s nap time.

Nina Wahl 1

Awww they love each other – all cuddled up.

Nina Wahl 3

She loves her pups.

Nina Wahl 2

Thanks to Nina Wahl