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Injured Bait Dog Now Diagnosed With Cancer. Mama Jade Would Have To Be Put To Sleep. Then Something Incredible Happened.

Injured Female Pit Bull was looking for help.

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Christianna, an animal hospital worker, opened her front door back in 2013 to a dejected injured pit bull  who had found her porch. It was obvious to her that this dog was abused, injured and hopeless.

Christianna took the dog in for the night and named her Mama Jade. In addition to the injuries Mama Jade sustained while being tied up and used as a breeding dog (like when she looked into Jade’s mouth and realized her teeth had been deliberately pulled out so she couldn’t fight back) the vets diagnosed her with breast cancer. Christianna wrote a heartfelt and defiant Craigslist post in defense of the poor dog. She explained how infuriated she was at the person who did this to her, and that Mama Jade’s story had to be told. At first, she said she was preparing to put Mama Jade to sleep; it seemed to be the most humane decision, considering the dog’s condition and the high price of canine cancer treatment. She’d ensure, however, that Jade’s final day on earth would be comfortable and compassionate. But then, something incredible happened.

Because all they wanted to do was please you. Loyalty is in their blood. Violence is not.”

Christianna’s public CL rant went viral and as it happens, she is now going to set up a fund to pay for Mama Jade’s cancer treatment.

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Photo Credit: FB/MamaJade

Part of the Craigslist Post:

“Last Friday night, your dog wondered up onto our porch. Signs of the abuse she had somehow escaped, riddled her body. The fresh bite marks on her muzzle, the scars that covered her body, the exposed pink and purple flesh around her neck, where she was obviously tied up with ropes that cut their way into her skin, over and over again. The obvious signs that she had been bred, relentlessly, time after time. The pressure wounds on her elbows that bled whenever they touched anything, from being tied and forced to lay on cement ground and metal cage mesh.”

As it turned out, her public response went viral, leading Christianna to set up a fund to pay for the dog’s cancer treatment, ultimately saving her life.

“She’s enjoying life and living it to the fullest,” Christianna says. Her appetite is still strong and her soul is even stronger.”

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Mama Jade Update: July 9, 2015

Our Sweet girl needs all the prayers and good vibes. Mama’s human mama noticed she had a small scratch on one of her legs… that didn’t go away; something started to grow. We are watching it and hope that it only one time bump in the road.

Also, after combing through many foster profiles we found the perfect angel for our sweet girl. Mama now lives in a home with Pat  where he is the only dog and is spoiled rotten with love.