The 3 Week Diet

Finally A Miracle For A Dog Chained Up For 10 Years.

Jarred walked past this fence for 3 years and never saw the dog off his chain.

Jarred Piper began by just talking to the snarling dog that seemed dangerous.

After a few days of Jarred’s visits, the dog approached and took the treats offered and a friendship was born.

Rusty 2

All alone and on a chain.

No one to play with.

No one to love him

No family or bed.

Jarred named him Rusty Diamond.

He was hot in the Arizona heat. Tumors on his body. Chained to a wall.

One day Jarred stopped by to hang with Rusty and the owner approached them casually mentioning that Rusty had lived on that chain, outside for 10-15 years.

This poor dog knew no freedom… his whole life. Unthinkable. Heartbreaking. Jarred told the owner that he wasn’t leaving with out Rusty. She didn’t want him to take her dog.

The owner told Jarred that Rusty would bite him if he got close.  Oh Boy was she wrong.

Rusty this sweet dog went willingly with no aggression or fear… walking with Jarrod.

Off to the vet for a check up and clean up.

His collar buckle was so corroded it would not open…that is how long this collar was on the pup. The collar had to be cut away.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.26.10 PM

Thanks to the Dodo for this heartwarming happy ending

Rusty 3

Watch the Video of this amazing happy ending.