The 3 Week Diet

Extra Large Pit Bulls Playing

Playfully romping at first but watch what happens next.

What you are about to see is pure joyful frolic.

A family with two kids and 4 pit bull terriers take their family for an afternoon to the beach.

They run in and out of the water at full seed and then twist in and out between the children.

Just like kids…they snarkle and then make up.

This breed is wonderful.


  • Proper Training
  • Proper feeding and rest
  • Proper exercise
  • Love and attention

You have a respectful, loving, friendly, loyal family pet. A pet that only wants to love on you, be loved and do what you ask of them.

We believe one at a time, people can  be re-educated about the breed.


It isn’t sane to judge an entire breed for the deeds of those who are trained for aggressive actions and fighting.

Enjoy this video of these family members cutting loose on the beach.