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Evidence that Pit Bulls are the Cutest, Silliest, Coolest Dogs Around

Here is the evidence: The cutest, silliest and coolest dogs around

Anyone who’s spent any time with a pittie knows that they are just the biggest love bugs. Their big noggins give sloppy wet kisses and their big stocky bodies make for perfect cuddle buddies. It really is a shame that they have the bad rap that they do. A picture is worth a thousand words though, right?


Here are some pit bull pup pics that will just make you smile, so relax, take a look and enjoy.

These pups look like twins and are so cute in their onesies… but they very well could be up to something. Photo: @the_blueboys


What do you mean you’re going to work? Can I go with you? I’ll be good.

Photo: @staffy_noodlez

Hi my name is Wilson. I have a happy home. I love my life.

Photo: @wilson_the_bull


Between the two of us, we can get the toy…playtime is so fun!

Photo: @pitbull_family_life

Photo: @must_love_dogs_pitsky


I wrestled you, you are down, I win!

Photo: @morileymoproblems

I’m a good boy. I am strong. I have courage. I will always be on your side. I love you.

Photo: @kingstonthestaffy

Photo: @bluestaffy

Hello! Can you tell how happy I am to see you?

Photo: @roofusandkilo


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