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Dog Grooming Transforms Dog Locked In A Barn For 6 Years.

Amazing transformation after dog grooming. Dog is freed from being locked in a barn and from 35 pounds of fur.

This is the story of a poor dog named Lazarus, Laz for short. Laz’s owner was sick and couldn’t leave the house to take care of him. Asking a neighbor to take care of Lazarus, the owner forgot about Laz. Laz was denied everything he deserves, a loving family, walks in the park, a warm bed and a clean place to live and proper dog grooming. Heartbreaking.


The neighbor put Lazarus away in this barn and neglected him for over 6 years. Without ever having dog grooming in those years Laz’s fur grew and grew. The weight of the fur was a prison for Lazarus on top of the dirty barn being his prison.


This is the environment that Lazarus lived in is so sad to say nothing that a person could knowingly treat such a beautiful creature like trash without human contact, proper care, kindness and dog grooming.



This is Lazarus when he was first rescued. His fur engulfed him and you can’t even see his paws. He was timid and afraid in a this new environment.



The organization that rescued Lazarus was the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. The organization helps homeless dogs with cutting their fur and grooming. They are preparing him to be released of his burden.



The dog grooming process took a few hours to finish and once it was all completed the hair weighed in at 35 lbs. But afterwards Lazarus was set free and raised back to life. He was a new dog.


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Can you believe this is the same dog?

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