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Dog Falls Into The River What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

Meet Karma. She Fell Into The River.

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Karma is a pit bull who is the devoted companion to her Human Rick.  These two are inseparable. When you see one you see the other. One unfortunate day a terrible thing happened, somehow karma fell into a river and Rick jumped into right behind her to rescue her.

Rick and Karma were quickly back on dry land thanks to Ricks fast action, but something wasn’t quite right. Rick now has an infection, from the dirty river water, that is very serious and needed urgent medical attention.

But there is one problem.

Rick and Karma were loners and they had no one, so if Rick had to go get medical treatment in the hospital, what would become of Karma?


Tia Torres had met Rick before, when he’d come by for food and medical care for Karma.

“I offered him $20 at one point and he refused,” she says. He was homeless, she says, but “just wanted help with his dog.”

Not knowing Rick’s last name, or even to what hospital he was being taken, Torres wasn’t sure how long he’d be away or even if — despite his obvious affection for Karma — he’d come back.

“If time stretched on, I was prepared to keep Karma at VRC and start to prepare to find a new forever home.”

In desperation he took her to the Villalobos Rescue Center and asked them to take care of her while he was getting treated. Unfortunately they didn’t get a record of his request and had no idea oa how to contact him. Everyone includingKarma wondered if she was going to be stuck at the shelter for good.

Nearly two weeks later Rick was finally well enough to leave the hospital and come back for his sweet Karma. The shelter workers were happy to see him again but that was nothing compared toKarma’s reaction. Rick had been worried about how she was doing while he was hospitalized.

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Check out these pictures of their reunion.

Puppy love is real and Karma proves that for dogs even for pit bulls: true love conquers all.

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Call it the redemptive power of love. Or maybe just chalk this up to Karma.

“Even when Rick was homeless he told me his dog ate before him,” Torres says, “which is the beautiful bond we expect when there is that much love between man and man’s best friend.”


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