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Champ The Pit Bull Saves Woman from An Attack

Twelve-year-old Pit Bull Saves Elderly Woman from Attack

Millie Fiser was standing right in front of her Arkansas home when a man snuck up behind her and gave her a hard shove knocking her to the ground – attempting to rob her.  But before anything serious could happen, her gentle 12-year-old, pit bull rushed to her and chased the man away.

Millie and Champ

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I didn’t see or hear anything behind me,” Fiser told

“The next thing, I just got a real hard shove. I got knocked to the ground and hollered, ‘Champ, Champ, help!’”

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The man repeatedly screamed at her, demanding money.


“I have no doubt that Champ saved my life, and I’ve often wondered if, you know – I know he would literally die for me, and so this was a real good example of you know, he’s right there for me – always.”

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