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Celebrity Pit Bull Lovers-Can You Guess Who?

Celebrity Pit Bull Lovers

1- Jessica Biel

— with her pet pit, Tina…who helps keep Jessica in shape walking and jogging around Hollywood.


Napping is the BEST.


Here is Tina, deep in thought, maybe.

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Tina in mom Jessica’s arms

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2- Tom Brady

–pictured here with wife and son strolling in Boston. His pit pet Lua hurt her paws on the snow/ice/salt so he put her in the stroller and let his son walk since he had boots on.

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3- Jennifer Anniston

–w/Sophie who was adopted from the Best Friends Animal Society. (They are the agency who fought to keep Michael Vick’s surviving dogs from being euthanized.


Jen Anniston Sophie



4- Rachel Rey

and her pit pet Isaboo who is master and commander at Rachel’s home and after Rachel got married, nothing changed; Isaboo sleeps in bed with her master (right in the middle,) eats home cooked foods and everyone loves her.

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5- Kelly Cuoco

–says pit bulls are the GREATEST DOGS IN THE WORLD.

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Kelly is a huge pit bull advocate. She partnered with Angel City Pit Bulls to do a PSA, and says she is so proud of that.


Creative Kelly had a groom’s cake customized with a tennis ball (of course) and their pit pets.

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Photo credit: Kaley Cuoco Facebook

6- Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer)

–pictured here with gray pup named Junior and Daddy (RIP). He is an expert in rehab’ing dogs and training people.

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