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Can A Pit Bull Be A Service Dog? See How The Rules Are Changing.

Pit Bulls are just the same an any other dog

…says Apryl Lea of Animal Farm Foundation.   Well we agree with Apryl because it is the owner that conditions the dog or trains them to be a certain way. (There are advocates all around us working to re-educate the public)…More info on this organization and the end of this post.

Meet Jericho, a 5-year old Pit Bull, who 2 years ago became a Service Dog to Matthew Smith.

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When in public, Matthew feels people are looking at him and that give him anxiety about his self image, but now that he is flanked by Jericho, when people look, they look at the dog, not him.

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“Originally I pictured him just being a mobility dog — as far as helping me move the wheelchair and picking stuff up,” Smith told The Huffington Post. “I never could have imagined what an emotional help he would be.”

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22 years ago Matthew had a motorcycle accident and suffered significant injuries.

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The five-year-old pooch was trained at the Duchess County, New York-based Animal Farm Foundation, a non-profit organization that hopes to “secure equal treatment for pit bull dogs,” Apryl Lea, the organization’s certified Assistance Dog International trainer, told HuffPost. “We want to show the community that pit bull dogs are just the same as any other kind of dog.”


Story source: Huff Post