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Caitlyn – A Journey from Abuse to Rescue.

She was unknowingly sold to an an animal abuser.

Because she was barking ( she’s 15 months old and probably had little to no behavioral training) and to shut her up LITERALLY her new owner used electrical tape and tightly taped her muzzle shut – wrapping the tape around nine times.

It is thought that she stayed in that condition for 48 hours cutting into the skin and limiting blood supply to her tongue.

She escaped her chain and went for help familiar house where she had played before in the yard with the family dog.  When the neighbor saw her he immediately called 911.

News of the hideous maltreatment of this little pit bull girl spread like wildfire – everyone was sick and troubled as to how anyone could do this. Kind loving people who love kind and loving pit bulls… hmmm where have we heard that before?

She was taken to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Mt. Pleasant, SC. where she had the tape removed,  treated and scheduled for treatment including laser surgery and oxygen treatments.

She was given the name Caitlyn. #IamCaitlyn

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — Caitlyn, the abused pit bull mix found in North Charleston on May 27th, spent two hours in surgery on Wednesday and veterinarians say they had to take less of her tongue than expected.

After the surgery, she rested in her kennel, covered by a blanket and getting attention from the staff at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant who have been providing round-the-clock care for the ailing pup.

Dr. Henri Bianucci at Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant said on Tuesday he thought Caitlyn may lose as much as 25 percent of her tongue during Wednesday’s surgery to reconstruct her jaw and take out the dead tissue in her lip and tongue.

“Her tongue was in way better condition that we anticipated. It was initially assessed that we would lose about a third of her tongue, and we sort of revised that estimate to a fourth, but I don’t think she lost an eighth of it,” Bianucci said shortly after the surgery.

“Functionally, I think she’ll be able to lap up food and water and do really well,” Bianucci said a day before the surgery.

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Dr Bianucci did great work with Caitlyn and said she is is responding well to treatment plan. The daily plan is to remove any dead tissue from her face and also the hyperbaric treatments are producing visible results in bringing down the swelling.


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Here she is resting and recovering from several treatments.

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She knows she didn’t deserve to be tortured and she, as with the majority of pit bulls, forgives and moves on, with no signs of being angry which she would have every right to be.

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She is getting better every day. Here she is even getting a chewy treat. Look how engaged she is the handler.

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Making new friends at adds to the rehabilitation and socialization.

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“Her life is not at all going to be easy even after she recovers,” Roman said. “She’s going to be permanently disfigured and permanently disabled. The damage is done.”

But even so, with the expert medical attention she has had plus the gentle loving care that she is receiving, that makes one happy girl.

Caitlyn is in a Foster home now. They love her. She is family. This foster family has expressed their desire to make this her forever home.

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