The 3 Week Diet

A Car-Jacker Get The Surprise Of His Life. See How This Ends.

Family pet Victor, rescued from a fighting operation.

Victor a 3-year-old pit bull was saved from a dog fighting ring, where he was made to fight and beaten into submission.

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But now, Victor is rehabilitated and was adopted by Amber who is his friend, companion and human parent. Victor wears his scars and injuries like a badge of a survivor.

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See how he returns the favor.

On a shopping day, Amber tossed her bags into the back seat where Victor was hanging out and as she got situated in the drivers’ seat, a would be car-jacker pulled open the passenger door.

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AT THAT MOMENT – Victor appears barking out and clear and the perp, so shocked , tripped over his own feet and fell backwards AND was apprehended.

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What a good watchdog.


See Amber tell the story to the Channel 4 news.