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A Baby Fox Playing With What? {VIDEO}

A Baby Fox and other animals too…

Pit Bulls Love to Play

Take a look at how cute and sweet these pit bulls are with other animals.


Pit Bull in ecstasy with baby chick and little bunny rabbits.

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Pit Bull with Car and baby chickens.

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Pit Bull and Siamese cat.

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Pit Bulls Live to Play…this is obvious.

In this video you will see a pet fox jumping and playing with a pit bull.


Pit Bull puppy playing with a domesticated pet fox.


NOTE: This is a friends house who was simply pet sitting the fox for another friend. As far as the birds, she operates a non-profit organization that is an exotic bird rescue where they rescue birds from bad situations where they can no longer be cared for. They rehabilitate them, and adopt them out in a lot of cases. She does a very good thing, and these animals live much better lives now thanks to her. Visit to donate to the cause.


Sweet play time with Pit Bull and baby chicks… video on next page.

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Video on next page showing how sweet this pit bull plays with these baby chicks.

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