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7 Pit Bull Heroes That Will Make You Smile

7 Pit Bull Heroes That Will Make You Smile

1 – Chako saved his owner who was being attacked by an abusive partner and was stabbed 12 times in the process.

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#1 CHACO: It was Halloween of 2013 when Chaco was stabbed 12 times in the neck and chest because he was protecting his owner, a woman in Richmond, Virginia, from her partner.

The damage done to the heroic dog racked up over $3,000 in veterinary expenses. All of the cost was covered — within a day of fundraising by Ring Dog Rescue and Gracie’s Guardiansby generous donations through PayPal.


#2 ELLE: Elle is a Hero who helps people with their fears. When she is with them they feel calm and safe.

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Facebook: Elle

In 2013 Elle is named American Hero Dog by the American Humane Association. When she isn’t accepting awards for her therapy work, she fulfills her calling as a therapy dog in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.  She helps senior citizens by being friendly with them; they love to pet her and feel the  connection, affection and acceptance. They are always so happy to see her come to visit.  She also teaches children in her silent way that makes it feel safe and they can overcome their shyness in reading.  She basically helps you overcome your fears. Even fear of dogs.


#3 LEFTY: She took a bullet for her owner.

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Lefty is a innate protector, no matter what the situation.

One night while the family was fast asleep, four intruders entered the house. One armed intruder pointed a shotgun at the father but the brave pit bull jumped between the muzzle and the man just in time. She took the bullet. The blast shattered Lefty’s right shoulder and damaged the soft tissue of her leg so badly she had to have an amputation.

Lefty’s heroic move was recognized by a large Facebook community: Supporters helped the family cover 100 percent of the medical costs of Lefty’s surgery, and she’s now “trotting around like she’s been a 3-legged dog her entire life,” the Atlantic Animal Hospital shared on their Facebook.


#4 Creature: saved an 89-year-old woman with dementia.

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As any normal night, Cara Jones dog Creature, a 2-year-old pit bull had to go outside to potty. But this wasn’t normal, because Creature kept pulling when there was a stick-cracking noise.

Cara used her flash light to see what Creature had taken her to; cara’s pit bull discovered a freezing muddied Carmen Mitchell with no shoes or coat just laying in the woods on sticks. Ms Mitchell was saved by pit bull Creature.

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#5 MAJOR: Major dialed 911 when his human companion was having a seizure.

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Afghanistan Veteran, Terry McGlade has a seizure disorder and PTSD.  His service dog Major, a pit bull  is trained to act when he sees signs of a problem.

Sure enough, when Terry  collapsed from a seizure, Major pulled McGlade’s phone from his pocket and pawed the screen — which is set up to automatically dial 911 — until it called the police.

The 911 operator didn’t hear anything of course but sent help to the phone location. When the police arrived, Major was waiting in McGlade’s front yard, and brought them to the back where his owner lay unconscious.

“I probably would have been in severe trouble if he wouldn’t have called,” McGlade told Ohio’s ABC6. “Right now, he is my world because he is an extension to my body. I don’t think I could operate in the everyday world without him right now.”

#6 MERCY. Hero Mercy protected her owner from a violent home invasion.

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Mercy is a hero. Knowing no fear. Serving out of love and devotion to her master. Four males, one with what police described as a machete, stormed the apartment and began their attack.

Mercy suffered from life-threatening injuries after she was attacked with a machete that was meant for her owner.

Loyal. Fierce. True.  Read more about the story here.

#7 TATORTOT: Tatortot saved a 4-year-old boy from a blood sugar crash.

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Christi Smith rescued Tatortot just hours before the pit bull was scheduled to be euthanized at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control. Her plan was to be a foster to the pup and help with finding his forever home. Her plan now? She said he’s already become family for good.

On his fourth day as a foster dog, Tatortot the pit bull saved Christi Smith’s four-year-old son’s life. The pup barked and whimpered in the middle of the night as he paced between Smith and her son Peyton’s room in Minneapolis. When Smith check on Peyton, she found him incoherent and barely breathing.

At the emergency room, doctors found his blood sugar levels had crashed dangerously. Veterinarian Isis Sanchez told KMSP-TV that Tatortot’s sharp sense of smell helped him sense Peyton’s shift in body chemistry.TaterTot’s smart move earned him a permanent home with the family: “I am never going to let this dog go,” foster mom-turned-permanent-mom told the Pioneer Press. “I owe him for the rest of his life.”

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